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Devotional Box Instructions

In 1610, over the course of several apparitions, Our Lady ordered Mother Mariana to have a life-size statue made in the exact form that she appeared: with a crozier and the keys to the cloister in her right hand, and the Infant Jesus on her left arm. She explained that this was “so that men will understand how powerful I am in placating the Divine Justice and in obtaining mercy and pardon for every sinner who comes to me with a contrite heart, for I am the Mother of Mercy and in me there is only goodness and love. Let them come to me, for I will lead them to Him.”

Each individual, family or group determines the most appropriate path for prayer, reflection and veneration.  You decide how and when to express your devotion and embrace her message. Consider praying a novena or daily devotion asking for Our Lady's intercession and guidance.  She will never deny the requests of contrite hearts.

After you receive Our Lady of Good Success Devotional Box:  

1.  Remove the blessed statue and set it in a place of veneration within your home.


2.  Add your location to our Devotions Map. (below) 

To do this, email or text your parish name/address to us so we may add your location to our map.

If you do not belong to a parish, select the name and location of the nearest Catholic church. 


No one will contact the church or its members. 

We do not solicit identifiable information from our participants or require any type of enrollment, fees or subscriptions.

3.  Select the next recipient. 

Please share your Devotional Box with others.  The contents are yours to use, not keep.

You may ship the box anywhere in the world provided you cover the cost of freight and insurance. 

($300 value)

Let us know if your box is lost, stolen or damaged. 

If resources allow, we will send a replacement.

There is no cost to participate. 

That's right, it's FREE.

Welcome to Our Lady of Good Success Devotion.


Add your location to our Devotions Map 

bestbox (1).png

Help us track Our Lady's message as this effort expands throughout the country and world.  No identifiable information is requested beyond an email address or text #. For location, please provide the name and city/state/province/country of your local parish.  If you are not a member or do not practice the faith, select the Catholic church closest to your home.  No one will contact the church or its members.  This information provides a data point on our map. A message from you is not necessary, but certainly welcome.  Share ideas, suggestions or the status of your box and we'll respond accordingly.

Email (below) or Text box # and location to 2624228647

Box No. *

Email *

Location *


Success! Message received.

Our Devotions Map 

Use the map below to track the spread of this devotional. 

The colored circles indicate box destinations. Click on each cross for an exact location.

 Be sure to enlarge, minimize and move the map to accommodate a broader or more detailed view.





Your interest in joining this prayer effort will help fulfill Our Lady's desire to give special assistance - her good success - to those who would invoke her guidance under this title.


She predicted the spread of this devotion would bring about a miraculous restoration of the Church at a time when all would seem nearly hopeless.

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