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Defenders of the Faith

In the midst of chaos and confusion, we look to the Blessed Virgin for protection, guidance and salvation through her Most Holy Son, Jesus Christ. Our Lady of Good Success understands the shifting sands that define this moment in history. She hears the cries of her beloved children and transcends space and time to reveal the very remedy we seek.  Her 17th-century prophetic message to Mother Mariana is for us - for now. 
We are all called to stand alongside our Blessed Mother and witness the true teachings of our faith with fearless abandon; however, this challenge requires the type of commitment few believers possess with certainty. Praise God, we have voices in the darkness who illuminate the path for others and with great courage take on the battles of our time.   They seek the Truth and speak the Truth.
Explore these traditional Catholic media outlets.  They are today's Defenders of the Faith!
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